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Towards Effective Anglican Mission (TEAM)

In March 2007, nearly 400 members of the worldwide Anglican Communion convened in South Africa for a gathering entitled: “Towards Effective Anglican Mission, an International Conference on Prophetic Witness, Social Development and HIV and AIDS”. Represented in this assembly were all sectors of the Anglican Communion, namely young people, seasoned development practitioners, archbishops, bishops, clergy, lay people, Anglican Communion networks, Anglican development organisations, donor partners, ecumenical partners, guests from government and business, representatives from both poor and rich nations, HIV infected people and those who look after the sick. We came together in an effort to explore the work and witness of our Communion in addressing poverty and injustice in the world. In short, we convened to critically examine and rearticulate the mission of the Church.

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What is HIV/AIDS

HIV = Human Immunodeficiency Virus

This is the virus that can lead to

AIDS = Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome


AIDS is not a disease but a syndrome (i.e. a collection of symptoms/ conditions) resulting from the suppression of the immune system as a result of HIV infection. 

Someone living with HIV is said to be "HIV positive" (HIV+)

Doctors diagnose AIDS when the immune system has broken down to a point where a number of conditions are present. However, AIDS is an emotive term and is sometimes replaced by "HIV related illness" or "HIV disease".